School of Music and Fine Arts

Music, Theory, Performance Arts, Dramatic Arts, Language Arts, Composition, Public Speaking... 

Students learn the fundamentals of music and fine arts based on individual interest and experience. We work together encouraging artistic growth and development!

All Ages Welcome

Group Lessons & Individual Lessons


Miss Fiddle-Hooper loves pioneering music programs world-wide and will continue to do so with your help! She believes that music saves lives by providing educational, creative, organizational and professional life skills that can be infinitely useful. Past music programs include: 2002 music education in Dehradun, India at CED International, 2002-2004 music programs at Napa Charter School and Woodland Star Charter School, California, 2012 music Ars Vitalis Fine Arts School, Poland, 2013 music program with the Healdsburg Overture Project, California, 2015 Fiddle-Hooper School of Music and Fine Arts, California. Currently, she is a resident instructor for Music & Arts, Issaquah, WA in Violin & Cello.



Alchemy Studios--Osaka, Japan with Naoko Fukuoka (Toshiaki Kitahata Photography)
 (Alchemy Studios--Osaka, Japan with Naoko Fukuoka & Toshiaki Kitahata Engineering. Toshiaki Kitahata Photography 2012)

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'Nothing Else Matters' Clip  --  Videography by: Free Life TV, Backing Track: Apocolyptica

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